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Making a tag play

In this section we’ll discuss the situations where a “tag” play might be relevant and how to coach it.

We’ll run you through basic technique to give you some pointers on “what” to coach and then look at “how” to coach it as you prepare players for games.

Following that, we’ll run you through a GAME SENSE activity you can use to practice tagging with your players.

As you consider the GAME SENSE example for this section of the course, consider how this game could be modified to improve it further? How could you CHANGEIT to suit your group? How would you make it more exciting or challenging?

By asking these questions, you’ll start to come up with answers, and that’s a TIP for how you can approach coaching. Ask lots of questions of your players to see if they can come with the answers themselves.

Let’s take a look at the two scenarios where making tag plays will come up:

  1. Tagging at the base
  2. Tagging a runner between bases

“Tagging is a method of getting a runner out while they are not on the base. If a runner is between bases (off the base), a fielder while in control of the ball can tag the runner with the hand or glove that holds the ball”

If a fielder tags a runner when they are off the base then the runner is out.

This strategy is used when there is not a force play to a base, or when it is more convenient for the fielder to make the tag, rather than make a “RISKY” throw to a base in order to get the runner out.

Click the to the next section to watch a short video on how to tag at the base, then answer some questions in the quiz.