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This course will help you understand the fundamental skills of softball and how to teach them in a safe, fun and engaging way!

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Learning outcomes

At the completion of this course you will be able to understand:

  • How to demonstrate skills
  • How to ask great questions and check for understanding
  • The basic skills of fielding, catching and throwing
  • The basic skills of batting and bunting
  • The basic skills of base running
  • The basic skills of pitching and catching
  • Basic softball terminology

There are many benefits to be gained from ongoing coach education.

The benefits go beyond teaching and refining new skills in players. The knowledge you acquire, then pass on, helps guide players to learn and also to develop key life skills.

There is great personal satisfaction in learning something yourself, then teaching others. You will be rewarded with tremendous pride as as you watch players grow in confidence as they apply the skills you have taught them.

Softball Fundamental Skills takes a look at specific skills and gives you practical tips on how to deliver quality coaching advice to your players.


You must complete the following Prerequisites before you can pass this course.

Then you must sign and upload a copy of:

Coaches Code of Conduct

There is a section at the end of this course for you to upload documents as proof of completion. You can work through this course and the prerequisites at your own pace, but before you are awarded “completion”, the final step is to provide PDF copies of the certificates achieved and your signed Coaches Code of Conduct.


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