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Use the table below to find the topic you’re interested in, then use the video controls to skip to the relevant section. 

Topics Time Code
Google Softball Batter Up website 0 – 0.10 mins
Register on the site 0.11 – 1.35 mins
Log in 1.36 – 1.56 mins
Resource Library 1.57 – 2.10 mins
Build your session 2.11 – 3.06 mins
View hard copy resources 3.07 – 3.30 mins
Purchase hard copy resources Click Here
Add to session planner 3.50 – 4.00 mins
Drag and drop feature 4.01 – 4.45 mins
Watch game online 4.45 – 5.10 mins
Finish and Save your session 5.11 – 5.40 mins
See your Plan 5.41 – 6.00 mins
Teacher, parent and coach info 6.01 – 6.05 mins
Pre-Planned programs 6.06 – 7.00 mins

The success of the Softball Batter Up program can be attributed to the quality of the excellent resources. Coaches and teachers can access these resources for free when they register to deliver a program.

Softball Batter Up is designed to be fun, flexible and engaging for children from kindergarten age to Year 6, focusing on fun activities while learning basic throwing, catching and striking skills.

You don’t need to be an experienced softballer or coach to deliver a successful program, which can be adapted for all ages and abilities using the Game Sense and CHANGE IT approach.

All the resources listed below are available to download free of charge on the Softball Batter Up website.

Activity Cards

Softball Batter Up activities align with the national health and physical education curriculum and are written with coaches and teachers in mind. Detailed information is provided on each activity’s learning intention, band levels, and skill focus, together with questions to encourage participant engagement.

With more than 65 different softball activities and games on offer, you can design your own softball sessions, or even design your entire program allowing for repetition over time to maximise learning and development opportunities.

There are three different categories of activities in the card set:

Starter (5-10 minutes)
  • Use as a warm up
  • Pre-activity energisers
  • Encourages cooperative play
Get Into It (10-15 minutes)
  • Activity based on the Game Sense approach
  • The focus is on participation, not the skills and drills
  • The focus is on involvement, not winning or technique
Game Application (15-30 minutes)
  • This is the main part of the session
  • Modified softball games
  • Variations can be applied depending on the age and ability of the group

As well as the activities, the card set also contains information about:

  • Planning and conducting Softball Batter Up
  • Safety considerations
  • Information about the Game Sense and CHANGE IT principles
  • Managing groups
  • Behaviour management

Session Planner

A new feature of the Softball Batter Up website is the Session Planner. You can plan you session by simply selecting each of the activities you want to include, or even design your entire program allowing for repetition over time to maximise learning and development opportunities.

Pre-planned programs

If you don’t have time to plan your own lessons, Softball Australia have pre-planned SBU sessons available for the coaches and teachers. The pre-planned lessons cater for every band level of learning, including:

  • Band Level F-2, four week and six week lesson plans
  • Band Level 3-4, four week and six week lesson plans
  • Band Level 5-6, four week and six week lesson plans