Foundational Level Coaching

The Softball Batter Up website is dedicated to delivering information beneficial to grass-roots softball.

Foundational level aims to develop coaches at club level with the focus on teaching and enjoyment over winning. 

There are four courses that make up the Foundational Level of Coaching:

Softball Batter Up Coaching Induction is the first step in the coaching pathway. If your new to the sport, or ready to make a move to coaching, this course is where to start.  The course is a great resource for new coaches but also parents of players and teachers conducting Softball Batter Up programs through Sporting Schools.

The Softball Fundamental Skills course is ideal for someone who wants to learn more about specific softball skills.  The course helps to develop greater understanding of core skills that coaches need to understand in order to teach players the basics at club or school level.

Softball Training and Practice introduces how to run practice sessions to maximise the development of players. This is still in development and will be released soon. 

Softball Managing Games covers everything you need to understand about coaching a softball team on game days.  It covers how to prepare for games, game strategies and how to observe players during a game and feed learnings into practice plans for player development.