What is Softball Batter Up ?

"A program that makes playing, teaching and coaching softball easy."

Softball Australia’s national participation program, Softball Batter Up, is designed to be fun, flexible and engaging for children from kindergarten age to Year 6, focusing on fun activities while learning basic throwing, catching and striking skills. You don’t need to be an experienced softballer or coach to deliver a successful program, which can be adapted for all ages and abilities using the Game Sense and CHANGE IT approach. Softball Batter Up activities align with the national health and physical education curriculum and are written with coaches and teachers in mind. Detailed information is provided on each activity’s learning intention, band levels, and skill focus, together with questions to encourage participant engagement. With more than 60 different softball activities and games on offer, you can design your own softball sessions, or even design your entire program allowing for repetition over time to maximise learning and development opportunities.


Ejays Softball Batter Up success down to communication and organisation

The Lilydale Ejays have made great strides in their Softball Batter Up (SBU) program in recent months going from launching their initiative under Covid restrictions to kicking into full gear earlier this year. Trish Ross, one

Get Softball Batter Up prepped with digital assets available

Softball Australia has a range of assets, as well as a $100 credit, available to Clubs and Associations looking to kick-start their Softball Batter Up (SBU) programs. The Softball Batter Up online store has everything for Teac

Geelong back in action with SBU

Geelong Softball Association, with their passionate and dedicated volunteers, have worked tirelessly in the pre-season to get back on the diamond safely as sport in Victoria slowly returns. With support from Softball Victoria

Softball - an easy choice!

Softball is a game that all kids can play.  There are so many benefits that make it a great game, and highlight why you should use softball as a vehicle for student learning. The game itself can easily be broken down into fu

A day in the life of a teacher, now a little easier!

It’s a Tuesday morning in class.  You’ve been asked to run a sporting program that is engaging, fun and safe for your students.  What sport do you choose that introduces a range of fundamental skills while, at t