Teachers play an important role in the delivery of the Softball Batter Up Program. You assume the responsibility of ensuring all participants have an enjoyable and safe experience, while at the same time supporting them to learn the fundamentals of the game. Your leadership, philosophy and actions will guide young athletes to develop a sense of fairness, sportsmanship and respect.

You don’t need to be an experienced softballer to deliver a fun and engaging softball program. Softball Batter Up provides all the resources you need to deliver a great softball experience for your students.

If you need to arrange equipment for Sporting Schools, you can order it here.  Choose from a range of kits, or get a quote to customize your gear.

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If you are seeking endorsement to conduct Softball Softball Batter Up for a Sporting Schools Program, send in your application here. 

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If you need help planning a program check out the resources page now. You can choose a pre-planned program or design one yourself.

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To get in touch with us about Sporting Schools please contact the Sporting Development Manager.



Funding is available to support schools to deliver softball programs through the Sporting Schools website.  

To access funding that can be used for coaching, resources or equipment, visit the Sporting Schools website and choose one of the softball packages.

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