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Reading material – Assessing skills

Progressive skills development checklist

This checklist assessment will provide you with information about:

Individual players

  • What are their strengths and weaknesses? Remember, strengths should be developed as much as the weaknesses otherwise they too will become weaknesses. Does this player have a disability that I need to consider?

The team

  • What are the team’s strengths and what are its weaknesses? How do I prepare for the team to compete with the skills and knowledge that they have now? Are there common strengths and weaknesses amongst the group of players within your team which could be addressed in a group practice session? Do some individuals require individual work? Can you get an assistant coach or parent to help out?
  • How do I develop team skills for the future? How do I prepare for the team to compete in the future? What timeframes and resources do I have to work within developing the skills and knowledge that is needed?


  • What do the results show me about my planning and coaching skills? In what areas do I need to improve and how can I do that? For example, I need to do some more work on my batting coaching so I should seek advice from a more experienced coach or player.