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Learning Intention

Target throw and run refines accurate throwing/rolling and develops fielding skills including communication with other fielders.

Band Level

3 - 4, Skill Development

Content Description


Skill Focus

Catching, Fielding, Throwing


  • 1 batting tee per group
  • 1 foam ball per group,
  • 1 target (bin, bucket, stumps) per group
  • 1 glove per player (optional)


  1. Play with 6 or less. Players score 1 run each time they hit a target.
  2. 1 player throws a ball at a target and then runs to a base and back, before fielders place the ball on the batting tee.
  3. Throwers score 1 run each time they hit a target.

Change It...


  • Players throw the ball at the target


  • What can you do as a team to stop runs being scored?