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Learning Intention

Target batting introduces the skills of striking and accuracy. It easily leads into other target sports like golf and tennis.

Band Level

5 - 6, Skill Development

Content Description


Skill Focus

Shot Placement, Striking


  • 6 foam balls per group
  • A variety of targets (bin, buckets, etc) per group
  • 1 batting tee per group


  1. Set up a batting tee about 3 metres in front of a wall or fence that has a target on it.
  2. Take 6 balls and see how many times a player can hit the target, batting them off a tee.
  3. Rotate with other members in the group.
  4. Score 1 point for every target hit.

Change It...


  • Use a larger target
  • Place target closer to the batting line


  • Use a number of different sized targets positioned in the field


  • Encourage the correct batting technique


  • Ensure players stand behind and to the side of the batter while waiting for their turn


  • How do you stand to aim the ball into a gap in the field?