Want to run a softball Batter up Program?

STEP 1: Register as an SBU host to become a provider. REGISTER

STEP 2: Set up your program online to display on its own webpage.   Promote the page link and send people to the page for information and to register for the program.  SET UP YOUR PROGRAM


There are many benefits of hosting a Softball Batter Up program, which include access to quality resources for club coaches and teachers, all at no cost.  Programs can be promoted through this website in two easy steps.

  1. Register your club or association to host a Softball Batter Up program.
  2. Register your programs details so they appear on this site.

The aim of conducting a program is to provide Member States, clubs and associations with an opportunity to increase junior participation. The benefits associated with conducting a program are set out below.

Coaches and teachers 

  • A specially developed session planner to design your own SBU session
  • How use the Softball Batter Up resources
  • Planning and conducting your SBU sessions
  • Information about Games Sense and the CHANGE IT approach
  • How to quickly and easily form groups
  • Important safety considerations
  • A softball glossary, explaining many of the terms used in softball


  • Access to, and promotion of a nationally branded program for junior recruitment
  • Increase in junior softball memberships
  • A greater awareness of softball within the general community
  • Opportunities to build relationships with businesses, media and government authorities
  • Database of participants state-wide
  • The ability to earn revenue for ongoing development


  • A nationally recognised program featuring skill activities and games to suit the age and ability of all participants
  • Alignment with a nationally branded recruitment program that will assist growing junior recruitment at the local level
  • To provide leverage of the Softball Australia logo and brand
  • Increased community exposure through local media and website promotion of the program
  • An opportunity to develop and maintain strong links to local schools to promote the program
  • Recruitment of new participants and volunteers


  • Quality softball sessions provided by certified coaches
  • Safe, fun and engaging physical activity
  • Ability to purchase equipment at reduced prices

Register your Softball Batter Up program

Any school, club or association can register their Softball Batter Up program. Simply register your program details below.

The registration application will require:

  • The name of a nominated coach or teacher
  • Details of their coach accreditation
  • Times, dates and venue for their program
  • Contact information and delivery address if equipment packs are ordered

Once your registration has been approved, you will be able to:

  • Login and post your program-specific details. These are the details people will see when they search for programs in your area.
  • Access more than 60 different softball activities and the session planner
  • Access free promotional materials you can use for your program
  • Post updated information, eg wet weather information