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Learning Intention

Runners and throwers combines fielding and striking. Finding space is a key challenge for the batter. Activity levels are increased in a fun way for both the batters and fielders.

Band Level

3 - 4, 5 - 6, Skill Development, Game Concepts

Content Description


Skill Focus

Catching, Fielding, Shot Placement, Striking, Teamwork, Throwing


  • 1 foam ball (or similar) per group
  • 1 batting tee per group
  • 1 foam bat per group
  • 5 marker cones per group


  1. Divide your players into 1 fielding team and 1 batting team.
  2. Place the fielding team in a line along a marked diamond.
  3. The batting team hits a ball off the tee to the fielders’ line. the batter drops the bat an runs from the tee to marker ‘A’.
  4. Once the ball is fielded, the fielding team must get the ball to marker ‘B’ then pass to each player down the line to marker ‘C’.
  5. The batter only stops running when the ball is placed on the ground at the end of the throwing line at marker ‘C’.

Change It...


  • Reduce the distance between marker cones
  • Use a larger ball
  • Players kick or throw the ball into play


  • Encourage runners to run together as a team


  • Ensure a safe distance around the batter at all times


  • Where should you hit the ball to give your team the best chance of running around the markers?