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Learning Intention

Pressure fielding is a catching, fielding and throwing activity that leads to improved fielding skills.

Band Level

3 - 4, Skill Development

Content Description


Skill Focus

Catching, Fielding, Locomotor Movement, Throwing


  • 1 foam ball per player
  • 1 glove per player (optional)


  1. A fielder, who is 10 metres away, faces 3 or 4 players who are standing a few metres apart from each other.
  2. Players take turns to throw fly balls or ground balls to the fielder who must field the ball and turn and throw to a target, which is called by the player throwing the ball.

Change It...


  • Decrease the throwing distance


  • Players throw ground balls and fly balls
  • Increase the throwing distance


  • Score 1 point for every ball caught or fielded correctly and 1 point for every target hit
  • Add a time limit or a throw count, ie 20 throws or 1 minute


  • Can you show me how you would stand when you are ready to field a ground ball?