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Learning Intention

Noughts and crosses can be used as a high-energy warm-up that requires agility. A good lead-in to fielding and baserunning.

Band Level

3 - 4, 5 - 6, Skill Development

Content Description


Skill Focus

Locomotor Movement, Teamwork


  • 9 hoops
  • 6 blue bean bags
  • 6 red bean bags


  1. Form 2 teams of 4; a red team and a blue team.
  2. Teams line up side-by-side, 5 metres away from the hoops.
  3. On the word ‘GO’, the leaders run to the hoops and place a coloured bean bag in one of the hoops.
  4. The leaders return to their team and tag the next runner who races to the hoops and place their bean bag in another hoop.
  5. This continues in a relay format until one team has 3 coloured bean bags in a row

Change It...


  • Reduce the distance to the hoops


  • Increase the distance to the hoops
  • Spread the hoops further part
  • Change the locomotor movement


  • Where is the best place to leave the first bean bag?
  • Show me how to stand when you are getting ready to run to the hoops?