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Learning Intention

Line bunting encourages thoughtful placement of the ball and develops fielding and throwing skills.

Band Level

5 - 6, Skill Development, Game Concepts

Content Description


Skill Focus

Catching, Fielding, Shot Placement, Spatial Awareness, Striking, Teamwork, Throwing


  • 1 bat per group
  • 1 soft core ball per group
  • 1 base and 1 home plate per group
  • 1 set of catchers gear group
  • 1 batting helmet per group


  1. 4 players are in the field: a pitcher, 1st base, 2nd base and 3rd base.
  2. The rest of the players line up in batting order.
  3. The pitcher pitches to the 1st batter, who bunts the ball into play.
  4. The fielders field the ball and throw to 1st base, trying to beat the batter.
  5. Rotate fielding and batting positions after each bunt.

Rotate players in an anti-clockwise direction:

  • The person who has bunted runs to 1st base and waits to play 1st base
  • The person waiting at 1st base, takes 1st base
  • 1st base goes to 2nd base
  • 2nd base goes to 3rd base
  • 3rd base goes to pitcher
  • Pitcher goes to the end of the bunting line

Change It...


  • Players hit or bunt the ball from a batting tee


  • To encourage a batter to bunt the ball, place cones 1-2 metres away. This will provide a reference point for the batters.


  • Where is the best place to bunt the ball?
  • Where is the best place to stand to prevent the ball from getting past you?