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Learning Intention

Kolap is a target game that provides interest and variety to other games, like bocce. This activity also helps to improve accuracy.

Band Level

F - 2, 3 - 4, Warm Up

Content Description


Skill Focus

Accuracy, Throwing


  • A target for each team (softball bases, rubber mats or towels)
  • 4 bean bags or balls per player
  • 6 markers


  1. Players work in teams of 2 to throw objects toward a designated target, such as a mat.
  2. For each successful throw, teams are awarded 1 point.
  3. The ball must land completely on the target to score.
  4. The first team to a set number of points wins.

Change It...

  • Change the distance and size of the target
  • Vary the type of throw – front-on, side-on, 1 or 2 hands
  • Set a time limit for each round of 4 kolaps thrown
  • Beginners can use bean bags and bigger targets


  • Ensure adequate space for the number of players
  • Players wait for others to finish their round before moving onto the playing area


  • Can you show me the best type of throw to use to hit the target?
  • What type of throw lands softly?
  • What type of throw is the most accurate?
  • What type of throw goes further?