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Learning Intention

In the zone is an introductory striking and fielding activity. The activity develops batting, fielding and decision-making skills.

Band Level

3 - 4, 5 - 6, Skill Development, Game Concepts

Content Description


Skill Focus

Catching, Fielding, Shot Placement, Striking, Teamwork, Throwing


  • 1 batting tee per group (optional)
  • 1 soft core ball per group
  • 1 glove per player
  • 1 batting helmet per group
  • 1 set of catcher’s gear per group


  1. Form 2 teams of 6.
  2. The batter hits the ball from a batting tee or pitched ball, aiming for a zone that will maximise runs.
  3. Fielders use gloves and return the ball to the pitcher.
  4. The batter also scores runs for each base reached before the fielder returns the ball to the pitcher.
  5. The catcher must wear full catching gear and the batter must wear a helmet.

Change It...


  • Players bat from a batting tee


  • Pitch the ball underarm to the batter


  • When fielding the ball, the fingers of the glove should point up for catches above the waist and down for catches below the waist
  • Fielders score points for catching the ball on the full


  • Where should the fielders position themselves to stop the ball?
  • How do you modify your swing to hit the ball into particular areas of the field?