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Learning Intention

Flip it is a high-energy warm-up activity that requires the ability to look one step ahead. A good lead-in to fielding games.

Band Level

F - 2, 3 - 4, Warm Up

Content Description


Skill Focus

Locomotor Movement, Teamwork


  • 1 marker cone per player


  1. Form 2 groups of 8 or more. Each player has a marker.
  2. Half the players place their markers on the ground with the round side up and the other half with the round side down (dish up).
  3. On a signal, players run around trying to flip over the other group’s markers to match their own.

Change It...

  • Use different locomotor movements


  • 2 marker cones per player
  • Make the playing area larger


  • Encourage players to be aware of others and the space around them


  • What is the best way to have more cones up or down at the end of the time limit?