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At the start of the pre-season print off enough checklist forms to cover all players within your team. Within the first two or three practise sessions, evaluate the fundamental skills for each player in your team and complete each form. This should help you to prioritise those skills that need attention at both the team and individual levels during future practice sessions. As you cover each skill component in training, record the date in the first column of the checklist – this will help you to document your coverage of all of the skill areas during the season.

At the midpoint of the competition you can then re-assess each player and record on the checklist. This will then allow you to compare with the pre-season ratings and highlight areas of improvement and those that still need attention. By sharing this information with each player you are also providing them with positive feedback in terms of their development. Remember, they can also practice on their own (in their own backyard) to further their development. Finally, at the end of the season, a final rating should prove valuable to the coach and the players.