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Learning Intention

Base run develops the skills of moving into space and relies on passing and catching skills. Defenders have to close down space and attackers have to find space and choose between options.

Band Level

3 - 4, 5 - 6, Skill Development

Content Description


Skill Focus

Catching, Locomotor Movement, Spatial Awareness, Throwing


  • 1 set of bases
  • 1 soft core ball per group
  • 1 helmet per group
  • 1 glove per player


  1. Play in groups of 3.
  2. 2 players with 1 ball try to stop a third player from reaching the base at either end of the playing area by tagging them.
  3. Warm up by playing without bases


  • Defenders start at opposite ends; the runner (without the ball) begins in the middle
  • Defenders pass the ball to one another aiming to tag the runner
  • The runner tries to reach either base
  • Rotate positions regularly so that each player has a chance to be the runner


  • Tags must be confined to the area between the runners’ shoulders and knees
  • Vary the type of ball, size of the playing area and tagging combinations, ie 3 v 1, 2 v 2 etc


  • Ask the players to set their own rules for the activity, ie can you tag the player only after a specified number of passes?
  • What do you need to do as a team to make a tag?