Join Alice and Franz in lots of fun activities. Play games and find out about your Softball heroes
Find out how to register your child for activities in a fun, safe and engaging environment
Discover the benefits of the program, register as a provider, and order resources and equipment
Get information and lots of resources to help plan and deliver great sessions to the kids
All the information you need for a great school softball program

What is Softball Batter Up?

Softball Batter Up is an eight session program for children from kindergarten age through to Year 6. The program is offered at four different levels, introducing participants to the fundamental skills of Softball and to ensure maximum participation and enjoyment. The program has been designed to be flexible in its delivery and to reflect the individual abilities and experience levels of each participant. Softball Batter Up can be used as a fun program for kids who have never played Softball before, as a holiday program or as training sessions for young softballers. Softball Batter Up aims to promote lifelong participation in Softball.

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